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RPGWatch Feature: Sacred 2 Preview

by Dhruin, 2008-09-15 13:06:53

During our visit to the Leipzig Games Convention, Myrthos had the opportunity to check out Sacred 2.  Here's a sample from our preview:

The world of Sacred 2 looks beautiful and varied and is estimated to have a size of 22 square kilometers. In addition to the world, above there are also two dungeon levels below it of the same size. This means the game world is big enough to get lost for a while and Sebastian explained that it takes six hours to travel from one end to the other and there are no loading times when doing that. The world is completely open from the beginning - you can go anywhere you want but you'll probably get killed if you don’t follow the route of the main quest as least for a little while, as the monsters you’ll encounter might be too hard if you come across them early in the game.

Read it all here.

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