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Kivi's Underworld - Interview @ Fidgit

by Dhruin, 2008-09-15 22:55:57

Soldak's Steven Peeler has been interviewed by Tom Chick at his new site Fidgit about their new casual game, Kivi's Underworld.  A description of the basic gameplay:

TC: Can you describe a typical play session?

SP: Essentially you decide which adventure you want to play and then choose which character to play. You only have one character available at the very beginning though: Kivi. The other characters become available after you either recruit them in one of your adventures or unlock them in some other manner.

Each adventure usually has one to four quests, where quests can be required, optional, or even unknown. An unknown quest is usually a character that is hidden in a secret area. Now you actually adventure, explore, kill monsters, find secret areas, try to stay alive, and solve the quests. When you have finished all of the required quests for that adventure, assuming you live, you have "beaten" that adventure. When you have beaten an adventure, your final score determines how many skill points you get to spend on your characters. The game also unlocks different things after each adventure like the next adventure (obviously), different awards, bestiary entries, and any characters you recruited during the adventure.

After the adventure you can spend your skill points, look at your awards, look at the bestiary, replay any of the adventures that you have unlocked (for example to get a better score to unlock more skill points), or play the next adventure.

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