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Space Siege - Review @ Games32

by Magerette, 2008-09-18 16:46:33

Games32 is another site that finds Space Seige,  the recently released title from Gas Powered Games, a bit on the underwhelming side. They score it a 61/100 and label it more of an arcade style game than anything else:

The game "still" had a lot of potential, even with these short comings, so what went wrong you might ask? My money would be on the "lets use the same corridors over and over" idea, but it comes close to the "let`s make the game as linear as possible and nothing in common with RPG`s". Did I forget to mention this? Were you expecting an RPG? Well, it`s not, but we were led to believe something else. "Dungeon Siege" wasn`t an RPG either, but it was a fun Hack`n Slash. Unfortunately, "Space Siege" is neither. It`s not fun, and I even have problems considering it a Hack`n Slash.

As someone looking over my shoulder once commented, it resembles arcade games much more...


"Space Siege" was certainly disappointing and once finished, nothing will be remembered from it, apart from the occasional frustrating moments. Seeing as Seth can`t really die, just be resurrected at the nearest Aid Station, the game is certainly suited to gamers of all ages and skill. If you`re expecting a "Dungeon Siege" in space, "Space Siege" is not. If you`re expecting an RPG in space, "Space Siege" most certainly is not. If you want a nice, fast paced arcade in space, than "Space Siege" might be worth your while.

Source: Blues News

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