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Mount & Blade - Review @ GameSquad

by Magerette, 2008-09-18 16:56:46

Gamesquad posts a highly positive review of Taleworld's Mount & Blade, giving it a 9/10 score, while stressing it has little in common with traditional rpgs:

The first thing a prospective gamer has to understand about Mount & Blade is that this is not your typical RPG.  If you have come looking to slay some orks or trolls, look elsewhere.  Likewise, if casting fireballs from your fingertips is your preferred method of bring down a foe, move on.  Mount & Blade is refreshingly original in that while it takes place in the mythical land of Calradia, this is a realm that has far more in common with the medieval kingdoms of Europe than they do with Middle Earth.  There is none of the fantastic here, just armed bands of troops jockeying for the favor of local lords and kings.  Again, if you enjoy questing for the lost moonstone of Neverland, you won’t find much to your liking in Calradia.  On the other hand, if your idea of a good time is sacking the village of a rival lord and carrying off loot and prisoners, well, in that case Mount & Blade offers a lot you might enjoy.

Source: Blues News

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