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Mount & Blade - v1.003 Available

by Dhruin, 2008-09-19 23:36:11

As promised, you can now grab Mount & Blade v1.003:

This has been such a wonderful ride and so many thanks are in order. If you'll excuse me, I want to start with my dear wife Ipek, the first artist I had the pleasure of working with, the sunshine of my life, without whose determination and hard work and wonderful courage this project would never start in the first place.

I would also like to thank our dear team at Taleworlds offices, Ozgur, Cem, Pinar, Mustafa, Umit, and Serdar who have worked on the game with great enthusiasm and creativity, each bringing in their great talents and hard work into turning a humble indie game into a professional production. And many thanks to all the other wonderfully gifted people who have directly contributed to the game, Steve Negus, who masterfully wrote and designed all the different lord commentaries, richly characterized companions and claim holder rebellions, Ryan A. Span who again did a wonderful job, turning my amateurish lines into an excellent game dialog and text. We have had the great fortune of having the game's concept art made by a genius of an artist, Ganbad Badamkhand, and then our stroke of luck went further when another genius in his field, Jesse Hopkins, composed the brilliant sound track. Tassilo Egloffstein and Jade Henderson did the top-notch voice work. Then of course, we had all the creative ideas, and wonderful support from this community, so thank you all, our always so fun and witty administrators and moderators who give these forums its unique character, the brilliant community of modders, and of course everyone else who have contributed to these forums and supported this game. And last but no least, I want to thank our dear partners at Paradox Interactýve, Boel, Fredrik, Susana, Simon, Johan, Theo, Jeanette and all the team there for their friendship and for believing in us and our project and for all the help they gave us in realizing it..

And now, without further ado, and with great pleasure, I present you Mount&Blade 1.003, the final release of our little indie game, which I believe, we made happen all together...

From filefront (380.29 MB):

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