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Eschalon: Book II - Questions of the Week Update

by Magerette, 2008-09-22 19:04:10

We've missed a few of Basilisk Wrangler's development discussion points for Eschalon:Book II based on questions from the player base, so here's an update of Questions 8-11:

Question #8
[confused1] Since we will be able to choose male or female characters, will stores stock different gender clothing? Or will it all be the same? And on a similar note, will gender help/hurt certain stats?

There is currently a decent debate on this subject going on here. As it stands, males get a +1 bonus to Strength and females get a +1 bonus to Dexterity. Rather than repeat myself here, the link provides much information regarding this decision. There will be no special clothes between genders. Women characters wear the same armor as men, not leather thongs and mithril brassieres.

[Dragonlady] Since we are going to be able to pick female avatar pics, will there be a few small quests for just females to do and vice versa of course to be fair. If not, that's okay too.

There will be no special quests for males/females, but on this note we will have at least 1 significant "Class Quest" for each of the 5 classes.

You can catch up on the rest by following this link  to the Question of the Week thread at the Drunken Lizard Pub.

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