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Age of Decadence - Forum Tidbits

by Dhruin, 2008-09-24 00:47:48

Vince D. Weller has responded to a question about the length of The Age of Decadence on the official forums.  Nothing we didn't broadly know already but it provides additional insight into the non-linear nature of the game:

114 quests at the moment, including the main quest. As was stated before you won't get more than 60% in the course of one game. Most likely you'll get about 30-50 quests per game.

Let's use Teron as an example.

You have 4 main story quests.

3 quests per faction (House Daratan (different from the main quest), assassins, merchants, thieves, imperial guards) = 15 quests.

5 side quests, including solutions to the previously mentioned quests. For example, IF you're working for the Thieves Guild and IF you decide to handle one of the quests in a certain way, then the price for securing an NPC's support is doing a quest for him.

So, overall we have 24 quests plus 7 vignette quests, so that's 31 quests right there. However, when you are playing the game you'll get 1 vignette quest, 4 main quests, up to 3 faction quests, and up to 3 side quests, so that's only 5-11 quests.

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