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Alpha Protocol - Preview @ GLoB

by Dhruin, 2008-09-25 00:36:08

Obsidian is pointing out an Alpha Protocol preview from the Leipzig demo at a blog called Games Journalism or Bust:

This was demonstrated via a mission to capture an arms dealer. Rolling up to the front gate of the scumbag’s fortress, the hero is approached by a guard, triggering a dialogue tree from which players can choose to reason with the guard, allowing them entry, or take him out, meaning you have potentially one less enemy to deal with later. Upon entry to the fort, players can either sneak into the arms dealer’s office, attempt to hack the security systems or take out his personal guard head on. At any point, they will be able to adapt their strategy and choose another path and the level, which seemed fairly large, was thankfully free of any obvious linearity. So if it’s a stealth game you’re after, Alpha Protocol will suit you fine; if you want an all-out action shooter, the game will still do the job.

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