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Sacred 2 - Preview, Temple Guardian

by Dhruin, 2008-09-25 22:27:15

Sacred 2 has been previewed at Worthplaying, with the author quite impressed:

What this doesn't touch on is how fun combat can be. Releasing an arrow from the string of a longbow can drop an unsuspecting bandit from a good ways away, smashing in a kobold's face with a mace is a reward unto itself, and though the combat is characteristically repetitive, it doesn't really feel that way. When killed enemies drop their loot and enter a nice ragdoll effect, combat sometimes gets a visceral edge, as you can snag the loot while simultaneously marveling at how an enemy's body just flipped over the railing and off the bridge.

The variety of quests in Sacred 2 keep the player busy, which at times makes the game feel more like an open-world title than an RPG. Tons of entirely optional quests pepper the landscape, tasking the player with everything from slaughtering a number of enemies to rescuing prisoners or recovering stolen items. Though plot quests must be completed in order to advance the game, every one of those the player tackles will have been offset with 20 side-quests that you complete just for the heck of it — and the experience, money and the odd item, of course.

...and the official site has details of the last class - the Temple Guardian.  Head over for a wallpaper, 360 degree rendering, screen and details.

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