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The Witcher - Review @ Bit-tech

by Dhruin, 2008-09-28 02:22:42

Bit-tech is the latest site to review The Witcher: EE, spending quite a bit of time on the added modules and other content, although bizarrely wasting time with dead cat analogies for other games.  The score is 8/10, although they think this is for the hardcore-est of the hardcore:

Much of that threat though is by-the-by, because despite how things look on the face of it, The Witcher isn’t the type of game that is going to appeal to all RPG gamers. It’s more niche than Mass Effect or Fallout 3. Instead, The Witcher is, now more than ever, a game for the old-school, hardcore RPG players. This isn’t for people who drifted through Baldur’s Gate and thought it was OK – this is for the people who dived into Planescape Torment, completed every sidequest, came out the other side and started writing fanfiction.

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