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RPGDot Feature: Gods: Lands of Infinity - A Review

by Dhruin, 2006-07-18 07:48:00
Corwin takes a look a Cypron Studios' Gods: Lands of Infinity, which was recently released as a digital download via TotalGaming. Here's a sample:
Continuing this theme of horses for courses, the game is very linear. There is no wide open world to explore such as you find in Oblivion - rather there are a series of 'maps' which continue to be revealed as you progress through the storyline. Fortunately, these maps are all linked on the 'ingame' world map, so travel between them, once they are opened to you, is quick and simple. Just find a signpost, click on it and the world map opens. Click where you wish to go and basically you're there. The game even autosaves every time you enter a different map. Actually, the demo is the most non-linear part of the game. Some of the early quests are very much of the Fed-ex type, but these are soon replaced by more and more strategic combat and this is where the game really shines for me.
Head here to read it all.

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