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LotRO: Mines of Moria - Previews @ Strategy Informer, TenTonHammer

by Dhruin, 2008-10-03 01:14:00

Here's a pair of Mines of Moria previews.

Let's take a quote from the latter:

Our first stop in the Mines of Moria was - ironically - the First Hall, and it instantly took my breath away. As a reporter, I typically record all of my interview / tour sessions, and literally the first words out of my mouth were "Wow." Unlike other indoor content that I've seen in other massively multiplayer games, the sheer scale in this first area was incredibly. As I ran through the hall, it was almost overwhelming to try to gauge just how enormous the environment was compared to my character, and I continually moved my point of view to see just how large the area was. As you can see from the screenshots provided by Greg "Darkgolem" Stanley, every piece in Moria is absolutely huge and absolutely beautiful.

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