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Age of Decadence - Journey Through Zamedi

by Dhruin, 2008-10-09 22:59:38

Bit of a catchup today...GameBanshee has a new Age of Decadence article that looks at the Zamedi ruins, complete with 15 new screens:

Welcome to the ruins of Zamedi. It used to be a large city, but that was before it was hit by three 1D4+1 magic missiles in a row during a decade-long war. So, nothing survived but this tower. It's rumored that such towers had wondrous machines that channeled power from other planes and used it in many different and creative ways, including but not limited to raising protective shields when under attacks.

The tower's machines didn't fail, but the hellfire unleashed by the enemy's magi consumed the city and the army defending it. House Aurelian claimed the tower after the war and being weary of what they couldn't understand and control, sealed it to make sure that the knowledge and the power contained within would die there.

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