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Sacred 2 - MP Lobby Issues

by Dhruin, 2008-10-10 13:21:56

Ascaron has released a statement on some hiccups with the multiplayer lobby in Sacred 2:

New details about the lobby problems in Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel

As announced today by arvato systems, developers of the "Tincat" lobby software, the newly emerged problems with the multiplayer lobby for the action RPG Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel are the result of a complex interplay between the "Tincat" lobby software, the game code and the hardware.

In an extensive beta test conducted by Ascaron, the functionality of the lobbying apparatus using a TOTAL of 2000 players tested positive. The post release volume of more than 30,000 players unfortunately made some sporadic database problems with the lobby apparent. This is not something that could have been predicted from the test results we saw in the beta process.

In daily meetings between arvato systems, Ascaron and other participating companies, all problem areas have been analyzed and are now undergoing further changes and optimizations to provide a long-term stable environment for our players. The online game problems are being resolved. We will keep you updated on the progress of this via announcements on the website www.sacred2.com.

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