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Hinterland - Review @ Out of Eight

by Magerette, 2008-10-14 19:06:39

Game review blog OutofEight posts their take on Tilted Mills' Hinterland, giving it 6/8. Here's the summary of pros and cons:

The Good: Interesting integration of city management into an action RPG, variety of town occupations to recruit, lots of loot to enhance combat and production, randomized maps, low price
The Not So Good: Repetitive plain combat, oversimplified resource collection, shallow resource-gathering quests, uninspired graphics, needs a tutorial or more descriptive manual for the nuances, lacks cooperative multiplayer


Hinterland is a great idea that’s almost executed well. It’s a simple game that’s too simple, stripping down the conventions of two genres into a causal game devoid of much complications and depth...Still, Hinterland is pretty darn addictive for a simple game: growing your town, producing better weapons and spells, and taking on more powerful enemies is certainly fun. But there is much room for improvement...The saving grace for Hinterland is the low price: I would definitely say that I got $20 worth of enjoyment out of this game...

Source: Blues News

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