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RPGWatch Feature: The Whole Game in My Hand #11

by Dhruin, 2008-10-15 13:04:03

Once again, Mike 'txa1265' Anderson brings us a massive handheld roundup as he continues his quarterly quest to keep us informed on the hits and misses of RPG's on the GBA, DS and PSP.  This month's full-length review is none other than BioWare's Sonic and here's a snip:

Combat itself is both the same and different than any game you have ever played. As I mentioned it is turn-based and features a menu-selection form of choosing actions. That all works in standard jRPG form familiar to anyone who has ever played a Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest game. The character attributes impact turns in battle, damage done and defense from attacks. Where it gets interesting is the POW attacks. These are based on a time-based stylus tap system very much like playing Elite Beat Agents. Your success at tapping things in time or following the stylus guide determines how well you attack or defend with your POW move. Combine the side-scrolling chases, the menu-based attack system and the EBA-like POW moves and you have an interesting battle system that helps carry the game.

Read it all here.

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