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Mass Effect - 10 Sexiest Games @ CrispyGamer

by Dhruin, 2008-10-18 23:09:46

Another silly Top 10 list but it's a quiet news weekend, so what the heck.  CrispyGamer has their list of 10 Sexiest Games of All Time and in with Leisure Suit Larry and some dubious card games, Mass Effect grabs a position:

"I didn't have a choice here. The game itself can be kind of dry because of the pacing. But the fact that you're able to build up relationships with aliens, humans and countless races makes it fascinating. The sex scenes are also quite beautiful, and very well done, and it's absolutely clear that a romantic interlude took place. The way that the female alien's wrist goes limp against the headboard, or way the game concentrates on the eyes and glides over small parts of the body without showing anything explicit ... The most important thing to note here, though, is that developer BioWare is able to put this into a game so focused on meaningful interaction. You have a relationship with every single thing, be it person or alien, that you come across. This isn't a scenario where you're just trying to get off, or an attempt to fetishize an experience. You're building a meaningful relationship, so that when climax does occur, you're truly experiencing the merging of two people who've built up a bond. That's the future of videogames, in my opinion. Whether the gaming public's ready for that yet though remains to be seen..."

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