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LotRO: Mines of Moria - Preview @ Gamespy

by Woges, 2008-10-21 17:21:39

Gamespy offers a preview from the beta of Moria and concludes:

Our initial experience in the Mines of Moria beta once again displayed why LotRO has become a second home for a certain segment of MMO players. Travelling through the instanced version of the door to the Hollin gate, we were able to once again appreciate the amazing job that Turbine's artists do in bring Tolkien's world to life. The first view of the unnaturally still Black Pool where the Watcher waits was dramatically revealed simply by sending the player up a long flight of stairs to behold the vista. As players travel around the pool delivering lunches to the Dwarf workers, one can see evidence of the torn up trees and idle Dwarves tossing stones into the pool -- something sure to make anyone familiar with what waits under its waters wince. There's even an optional series of side quests involving a rival expedition of half-orcs that hints at the brutal politics being played out amongst Moria's claimants in the wake of the Balrog's death. After this first taste, we can't wait until November 18th when the door to The Mines of Moria finally opens.

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