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Dark Messiah: Multiplayer Previews @ GameSlave, Hexus, Kikizo, GameSpy

by Dhruin, 2006-07-19 02:33:00
The Might & Magic portal is pointing out three new Dark Messiah multiplayer previews at GameSlave, Hexus and Kikizo. Here's a snip from the first:
The assassin is the class you'll learn to both love and hate. You'll love it when you're in the driving seat and brutally murdering your opponent, and be screaming curses at your monitor when you've been one-shotted in the back. A very cool and fun class to play, the assassin's biggest weapon is his stealth. Using his cloak will turn the assassin invisible, at the cost of draining his magic bar. Invisibility works much like the cloaking in the Predator films, the more you stay still, the less noticeable you become. If you do manage to get up behind the enemy, you can inflict massive damage on your enemy, very often killing them in one blow of your daggers. Definitely a class for sneaky types, but also one with room for skill. Several times in playing I saw a skilled assassin dance around a warrior and brutally dismember him, avoiding his clumsy strikes. Skills the assassin can upgrade include; silent movement, poison, resistances and traps.
...and adding GameSpy:
To help build momentum during these extended campaigns, your characters will level-up throughout their course, allowing you access to a great number of skills designed to make you a more efficient combatant. Effectively, you "level-up" by delivering killing blows on the battlefield, or by helping to secure objectives in the individual maps (or, in the case of one particular character class, by healing your allies). Every time you level up, you're granted a point that you can use to progress down a skill tree unique to your class. You can swap classes after each death, though it might be counterproductive to attempt to level more than a couple of classes throughout a single campaign; you simply won't have enough points to become very good at any particular role. Also, your level gains last only until the match ends; Dark Messiah's multiplayer isn't that persistent.

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