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NCsoft - What's Tim Cain Up To? @ Edge Online

by Dhruin, 2008-10-26 00:16:08

We posted an excerpt from this previously but Edge Online finally has their full interview with Carbine Studios' design director, Tim Cain.  Nothing particularly revelatory but here's a snip:

You’ve released some hardcore PC games in the past. But today, how concerned are you with accessibility and mass market appeal with this unannounced Carbine game that you're working on?

TC: We’re very concerned in making it available to the mass market and trying to design a game that would appeal to casual and hardcore players alike. I think the MMO space is big enough that you can design a game that appeals to both of those groups.

It’s interesting that for the open job positions at Carbine, pretty much all of them have the requirement of a deep knowledge of pencil and paper RPGs. So that kind of design element is still going to be a mainstay in your MMO?

TC: I’ve always felt that paper and pencil RPGs are still about five to 10  years ahead of computer RPGs in terms of different system mechanics that they try out. So there’s a lot you can learn from that side of the industry.

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