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Age of Decadence - Interview @ No Continues

by Dhruin, 2008-10-26 21:13:30

Portuguese site No Continues has kicked up an English version of an interview with Vince D. Weller.  Here's a sample:

No Continues: One of the elements you’ve brought up in past interviews comes in the form of factions. How well can we expect factions to integrate players into the gameworld, from exposing the highs and lows of the post-apocalyptic setting to allowing some diverse role-playing? Will a faction have its own perspective on the setting and game world, and a background with other factions that might elicit some interesting role-playing venues?

Vince D. Weller: Factions are one of the main features, so they’ve received a lot of thoughts, love, and attention. Each faction has its own history, perspective, goals, and relationship with other factions, so helping one faction won’t go unnoticed by that faction’s friends and enemies.

Factions’ quests usually revolve around the same in-game events, which create even more tensions and drama. Here is an example. Imperial Guards, a military faction, is plotting to take over one of the towns.

If you’re a member of the assassins’ guild, you’ll have to assassinate the Imperial Guards’ commander. Kill him and the take-over threat is gone. The Imperial Guards will take it very, very personally though. You can kill your partner instead and spoil the assassination, which would upset the assassins’ guild greatly, but make a good impression on the Guards. Then the Guards can take over, display “under new management!” banners and plot some more, but the faction that controlled the town before will have a serious problem with you, which would greatly increase the odds of you dying prematurely.

If you’re playing for the Imperial Guards, you’ll be doing your best to help your brethren take over, which would include dealing with the assassination threat. So, basically you’ll see the same event from different perspective, hear different arguments, and will be able to make your own decisions due to numerous opportunities to double-cross and change factions.

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