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Hinterland - Review @ Hooked Gamers

by Dhruin, 2008-10-27 21:07:07

Hooked Gamers serves up a review of Tilted Mill's Hinterland, with a score of 7/10.  Here's an excerpt:

Defeated enemies increase your experience and drop gold and items that will help you or your followers in various ways. Apart from the standard items that increase your armor and attack stats, food bags, fertilizer and pliers are also dropped. These can be given to your production facilities in town to increase their productivity. Many of them are used up over time so depending on them for a permanent result would be a bad move. They can give you a nice temporary boost though.

As you clear more regions, you gain access to other resources in addition to Souls. As mentioned before, some of these resources are required to attract certain followers into your service. Some resources can be built inside your town which is especially helpful on games that you play on ‘long’ setting. Pretty much all resources are available on these maps, but they may be so far away and so heavily guarded that your early character won’t be able to deal with them. Building a well or importing stone in exchange for cash can solve a lot of problems early on.

Source: Blues News

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