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Hinterland - Review @ Gamers Hell

by Dhruin, 2008-10-31 21:21:06

An enthusiastic review for Tilted Mill's Hinterland is up at Gamers Hell.  The score is 9/10 and it might be worth noting they have added a couple of major updates if you're comparing to older scores:

There are basically four elements to the gameplay in Hinterland: Coaxing visitors to join your efforts and build within your town, providing for your town and its people, fending off waves of attacking raiders, and questing to take control of the lands surrounding your town. As described earlier, gaining new townspeople relies heavily on your fame rating. And some visitors will have demands that cannot be met until a later point in the game. In this case, it is best to shoo these visitors along making room for one or more new visitors to stop by. If nothing else, money is required to construct a new home for invited visitors so balancing the town budget is key. Layout of the city is painless as new structures slot directly into a number of pre-cut plots of land.

While we're talking Hinterland, their Halloween update has been released:

The free Halloween-themed update has been released on Steam! The update includes:

  • New Characters (you can play as) – The Trickster (a Halloween-themed character) as well as Fallen Hero and Goblin Thief
  • New Followers - Pumpkin Farmer and Undertaker
  • New Buildings - Pumpkin Farm and Graveyard
  • New Enemies - Jack o' Lantern, Scarecrow and Minotaur
  • New Items - Explosive Pumpkins, Sickles, Magic Stick, Dead Remains, Wolf Blood, Spider Venom, Goblin Blood, Witch's Brew and Shovel

Source: Blues News

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