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Diablo 2 - 7 Reasons it Kicked Butt @ Games Examiner

by Dhruin, 2008-11-05 22:37:32

In anticipating Diablo III, Games Examiner looks back at 7 Reasons Diablo II Kicked Butt:

Great classes and class strategies

No, Diablo II didn't have that mindblowing never-seen-before class, though the Druid and Assassin classes added with the Lord of Destruction expansion offered a few things rarely seen in RPGs like combo moves and shapeshifting. What Diablo II did have was strong classes with their own unique feel. But what really put them apart was the ability to specialize in different areas, which meant each class might have a half dozen or more strategies that could be exploited through clever class builds.

Thanks, Diii.net.

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