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Fury: Interview @ Lords of the Dead

by Dhruin, 2006-07-19 08:57:00
A guild site called Lords of the Dead has an <a href="http://www.lotd.org/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=56&/topic,335.msg2238.html#msg2238" target="_blank">interview</a> with Auran on 'Fury':<blockquote><em><b>Since this game is being labeled a CORPG, it automatically gets put in the same class as Guild Wars. Guild Wars spent a lot of time advertising to the PVP community as "Skill Over Time Spent", and when that turned out not to be true it was a big turn off to the FPS and MMORPG PVP guilds that were lured to the game. Why is Fury different than Guild Wars in terms of "Skill Over Time Spent"?</b><br><br>In Fury, player skill comes at many levels, and includes both pre-combat planning and also in war zone decisions. Areas of skill the elite players will want to master include:<br><br>* Incarnation construction a  Create the best incarnation before you go into battle<br>* Situational awareness a  Maintain control of your environment at all times by knowing where your enemies are and what they are doing<br>* Reaction time a  Even though the game isn't twitch, it is very fast paced and your mental reaction time is critical to making the best decision<br>* Game Knowledge a  Players who know and understand the game will excel<br>* Charge Management a  Understanding charge creation and consumption, and when you need to sustain charges versus when you can consume them.<br>* Teamwork a  Solid teamwork and coordination are critical, especially in the largest game types <br><br>Fury's power curve for abilities and equipment is very flat. Fury is not like games such as World of Warcraft and DAoC where the max level of an ability is over 15X as powerful as the min level. The primary benefit that comes from time played is diversity</em></blockquote>
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