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Sacred 2 - Review @ IGN

by Magerette, 2008-11-13 16:37:04

Sacred 2 gets some attention from the IGN folks, with this mostly positive game review:

  Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is a loot grind, no doubt about it. In that sense, this isn't a game that's going to offer anything compelling in terms of narrative or quest structure. Its aim is to offer a gigantic world for you to run around, whack stuff with weapons and spells, grab the loot it drops, and repeat. Developer Ascaron Entertainment's sequel definitely delivers on those elements, and offers up six interesting character classes to build and customize however you see fit. So if you're looking for a good old-fashioned loot grind to play by yourself or, better yet, with others online, this'll satisfy, though you can expect a number of technical problems both minor and major.

The review goes into  detail about the Temple Guardian character class and character diversification in general, quests, narrative, items and bugs, ending up with a score of 7.5 of 10.


As far as Diablo-style hack-and-slash action-RPGs go, ...Sacred 2 is the best genre entry since Titan Quest. It offers a huge world to explore, tons of loot, plenty of monster types, and lots of ways to customize its six character classes. While it does have a quirky personality, it doesn't offer much as far as its narrative goes that's compelling, and the game suffers from numerous bugs and technical issues, including poor friendly AI, game crashes and performance problems, hopefully something that gets worked out over the coming months through patch updates. It's also not a game that tries anything truly novel, just a lot of tried-and-true quest, kill, loot, and repeat mechanics. With others online it's a much more enjoyable experience...

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