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Cyclopean - Dialogue Adventures App

by Dhruin, 2008-11-13 20:55:08

Cyclopean lead Scott dropped us a line about a second Flash-based testing application that has been released.  Dialogue Adventures lets you play with the dialogue choices in a conversation with Agent Wrenwood:

What is it?
Using a small Flash app authored in the Outer Void, Cyclopean Dialogue Adventures previews in game interactive dialogue for Cyclopean fans to peruse.

How does it work?

The application requires Flash Shockwave Player, a freely downloadable plug-in you probably already have.  If it does not open in one click, try to Open With Firefox, or other (uncool) browser of your choice.

Bug reporting
If you think there is an error in the dialogue, or in the result of a choice you have made, please note the slide number, which appears at the top left of the screen.  Usually, the format is something like 'npc9_1'.

What won't be changed
Right now, player responses do not remain on screen alongside NPC responses.  This may be counter-intuitive to the RPG veteran, but if you pay attention to your choices it shouldn't be too confusing.

This first CDA is an introductory conversation and quest assignment from Agent Wrenwood.  It does not feature an amazing array of character Background/Skill/Trait checks, just the ones I thought made sense for the situation.

Head over to grab the file and give it a spin.

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