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Spellforce 2: Review @ PC.IGN

by Dhruin, 2006-06-01 07:44:00
"Mostly positive" is the verdict at IGN on the changes introduced by Phenomic in Spellforce 2. The score is 8.4/10 and here's an excerpt:
SpellForce 2 is, in general, an entertaining game that I found a worthwhile experience. It offers a pretty complete combination of two different genres. The problem is (as I've been told by several developers in the past) creating a pure mix of genres as different as RTS and RPG can be incredibly difficult. The challenge isn't just making a good game, it's making two good games and integrating them seamlessly. SpellForce 2 actually does a very admirable job of it as well. It's a better game than its predecessor, simplifying bits where they needed to be, but it still suffers from some hybrid inadequacies.

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