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Sacred 2 - Review @ RealGamer

by Dhruin, 2008-11-24 20:41:35

Some strident criticism for Sacred 2 from RealGamer, although it doesn't appear the reviewer is keen on hack'n'slash games.  The score is 6.6/10 and here's an early quote:

The opening hour ranks amongst one of the worst I've ever played in a high-profile title. Sacred 2 doesn't bother to get bogged down with the story until far beyond most players have lost hope of ever enjoying the thing, which isn't the best way to plan an opening. After your companion is ridiculously murdered by the weakling swing of a couple of enemy sword blades, it's your job to continue your friend's quest ¨C whatever that may be.

Later, things begin to get a bit more interesting, and the dynamics of it alter rather sweetly on repeat plays with different characters. Quests lead to places of intrigue and side-plots branch off satisfyingly, but it took me around five hours of playing to find anything of much interest. To be fair, this is the sort of classic RPG that could take hundreds of hours to see to completion ¨C but when the opening is as drab as that of Sacred 2, it's difficult to imagine anyone seeing it that far.

Source: Blues News

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