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WoW: WotLK - Review @ Gamespy

by Woges, 2008-11-26 13:01:42

High marks again for Blizzard's WotLK 4.5/5.

The people who build WoW are more or less unmatched when it comes to world design, and this may be true beyond the MMO genre. But there is a definite honeymoon period with a virtual world that's exhausted after a certain point. What was once magical and elevating becomes staid and routine after you've spent hours scouring its four corners for quests. Wrath alleviates this, at least during the leveling process, by essentially overdoing it on the quest count in every zone. At the start, you have a choice of two zones to visit, and when one starts to get old, you can travel to the second. This holds true as you progress through Northrend on your way to 80 -- you can hit Dragonblight at 72, or hang around the two entry zones. At 73, you can either continue questing in Dragonblight, or you can hit up Grizzly Hills. And so on. In a show of how canny Blizzard has become of our habits, you start to encounter daily quests as soon as you hit Northrend. So if your love of a particular zone is boundless (or if you're simply trying to flagellate yourself in the quest for early achievements), chances are you'll be able to revisit your favorite place at least once per day.

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