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Jumpgate Evolution - Interview @ Inc Gamers

by Woges, 2008-11-29 14:19:13

Inc Gamers have a 3 part interview by Tamer Asfahani that covers a lot on Jumpgate Evolution. The first part is here with links in the related box to the other two parts.

Just because of the diversity of space and the missions you have.  I’m half tempted to ask if you need a Babel Fish to speak to other factions.

(Laughs)  I think that really recapitulating all the stuff you already know.  There was no real main influence as such.  What we wanted to achieve in particular areas is different, so let’s look at combat.  What we wanted was large scale combat, so what we wanted was the last scene in Return of the Jedi where all those ships come in and there all battling and there are huge explosions, or the first scene of the last movie.  We watch those scenes and we think “ Wow, wouldn’t it be cool to recreate that?”

To me a big part was also Freelancer to be honest.  It always felt like Freelancer really had a very immersive, Han Solo type of experience, where you’d be going off and flying your own missions, you were on your own, you were moving a story forward, there was intrigue, you’re mining, you’re fighting.  A lot of the MMO game mechanics tie closely to a game like Freelancer.  I went back and played Freelancer, and that game, when you’re playing it you think to yourself that it would make a great MMO.  It’s an MMO and no one else is around.

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