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Realms of Arkania Trilogy to be Rereleased Through JoWooD

by Gorath, 2008-12-02 08:10:14

JoWooD included a release list in a PR about their about their quarterly results a couple of days ago. On it was a particularly interesting detail: DSA Nordlandtrilogie, among the games listed for worldwide release.

The Nordlandtrilogie, is the series of three classic RPG in the The Dark Eye p&p universe sold under the name Realms of Arkania in the English gaming world. Back in the day these games were published by Sir-Tech. Part of the trilogy are Blade of Destiny, Star Trail and Shadows over Riva.

Not many details are know yet. Only that the product will be sold for a budget price,  the DVD will contain the CD versions and all games are working under both XP and Vista. At least one of the original games came with a sound track on a separate CD. I wouldn't necessarily see this post by JoWooDs' community manager as a confirmation it will be included. The exact release date is still unclear. The release list says Q4.

The NLT hasn't been available at retail for years. This could be the last chance to get your hands on these classic RPGs.

Thanks Alrik!

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