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Gods: Lands of Infinity Review @ Strategy Informer

by Kalia, 2006-07-20 16:41:00
Gods: Lands of Infinity is the subject of a review at <a href="http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/godslandsofinfinity/review.html">Strategy Informer</a>. Scoring a paltry 4.2/10.00, the reviewer said: <blockquote>So with the graphics barely any good and the sound being under par, it all comes down to game play now. Now there are some old, some new and plenty of annoying aspects for this RPG. The movement controls are simplistic, it basically comes down to the mouse really, though you can move your character with the usual a, s, w, d keys, I found the mouse to be easier, left click the ground and youa "!ll move. Makes moving long distances slightly tolerable, click & move, wait, click & move, waita and so forth. Right-click and hold gives you control of the camera angle allowing you to find the best view point. Though this is a limited viewpoint due to the fact that you are unable to move around the game world in 3rd person view, which for some may be more of an annoyance. There are few limitations on where you can go, excluding the usual inability to climb mountains and the addition of the inability to traverse water unless it is as shallow as a puddle, additionally; clipping is an issuea see that tree root? Think you can just walk over it? Dona "!t be fooled, if you think youa "!ll be able to walk over something, ita "!s probably faster to walk the long way round.</blockquote>
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