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Sacred 2 - Peek #8 @ IGN

by Dhruin, 2008-12-09 21:14:36

IGN continues their Peeks at Sacred 2, with a look at the Wasteland Canyon:

As one journeys west through the High Elf lands, the pleasant climate becomes more arid; trees and brush give way to rocks and mesas. Undulating hills and the occasional mountain break through the ground, making travel difficult but not impossible. Once past the claimed border of the region, travelers enter into the area known simply as The Wasteland, or more often as Wasteland Canyon.

The canyon itself is a huge landmark that snakes its way from the Jade-See to the south, stretching northwards into unknown mountainous terrain. It is too wide to build a bridge across, and too deep merely to climb down; finding a pathway to reach the floor can be quite an adventure in itself.

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