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Jumpgate Evolution - Interview @ Eurogamer

by Woges, 2008-12-10 12:43:57

Jim Rossignol interviews NetDevil's Hermann Peterscheck.

Eurogamer: So let's wrap up with a quick overview of some of your content: what are we going to spend our time doing in Jumpgate Evolution?

Hermann Peterscheck: Well we have all the standard MMO type missions: defeating opponents, collecting things, or delivering things, escort missions... but we're just now implementing something really awesome which are these giant capital ships flying around - huge staged battles - and taking those out is becoming a major part of the game.

We're also working on a fairly advanced PVP system, with mass battles that have clear objectives: take out their battleship before they take down yours, hold this position for a period of time, and so on. There are two things that players have been responding to really well, and that's large groups of ships fighting each other, and taking down really large opponents, and so those are the things we want to develop for launch.

But there's loads of exploration too, we've worked really hard to make areas of space different and interesting. Also there's the player-driven economy that starts out from mining, turning raw materials into commodities, and commodities into equipment, so lots to do.

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