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Sacred 2 - Review @ GamingNexus

by Magerette, 2008-12-10 16:27:56

GamingNexus is next up with a review of Ascaron's recently released action rpg, Sacred 2:Fallen Angel, and scores it on the average side at C+ :

Once the game starts, players can start to see how Sacred 2 differs from the typical action RPG. While basic attacks function just like every other game, the special abilities and spells are a bit different. There is no “mana” or magic power to charge these attacks—everything works on a recharge timer. Finding the optimum recharge rate is probably the most important part of character development throughout the game. Each character has a set of about a dozen Character Arts, special triggered abilities and always-on buffs. These can be spells, special attacks, healing abilities, and the like. These abilities are not learned through level-ups as in other games, but through the reading of various runes dropped as loot...

This leads to some interesting play. Theoretically, players can have each and every power available to their character after an hour or so of play, at very low levels... Basically, Sacred 2 gives players all their non-equipment toys up front, and the rest of the game is spent tweaking these to perfection.


A decent action RPG with some interesting and unique character development. It may take some time to appreciate, and many won’t. It’s worth a look, but it’s not for everyone.

Source: Blues News

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