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Kivi's Underworld - Review @ Gamers Daily News

by Dhruin, 2008-12-10 21:51:22

Gamers Daily News has a review of Soldak's indie hack'n'slash, Kivi's Underworld.  The score is 8/10 and here is an excerpt:

Aside from the profuse amount of power ups there are also more than 20 different characters that you can play. There’s a really cool feature in the game where when you buy skill points they apply to your game. So no matter which character you’re using, they have those skill points. There’s no need to individually level up each and every character. The classes in the game will come as no shock to you I’m sure - warrior, rogue, priest, mage and various variations like scout, enchanter and more. This adds some spice and variety to the game so you’re not constantly just left clicking like mad. Each class has a different active and passive skill. For example the scout can sneak up on someone and whack them really good for some extra damage bonuses as it was the old surprise attack...SURPRISE!! WHACK!!

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