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Sacred 2 - Review @ Games32

by Dhruin, 2008-12-13 22:13:25

Games32 has a review of Sacred 2.  The score is 76/100 after citing bugs, repetitive play and Securom, although this is the second review I've seen to quote a fixed camera, which isn't my experience:

Other than the traditional kill everything and don't think twice, explore the map, rinse and repeat, there isn't much to add to Sacred 2. Perhaps the new graphic engine is worth mentioning, because the visual quality is high, and can be boosted even further if you install the optional high quality textures pack. But don't think dramatic changes, just more flowers, sparks and T-Energy flowing around. There's again a kind of annoying problem - the isometric fixed view. You can zoom in and out quite a bit, but you can't change the perspective at all, even if the engine could possibly do it.

Source: Blues News

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