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NWN: Atari steps in on official NWN1 content? (Updated)

by Dhruin, 2006-05-27 02:41:00
Sorcerer's Place let us know about a potentially volatile move by Atari to apparently stop any further official content for NWN1. The claim comes from members of the DLA team during a recent chat. Here's the newsbit from Sorcerer's Place:
That the Obsidian Developer Chat was cancelled and didn't take place on Wednesday doesn't mean there was no chatting whatsoever. Here are some juicy bits of the chat log we've received from an anonymous source. First of all, it looks like there aren't going to be any more patches or premium modules for NWN1, no matter how much the community is looking forward to each update. The Live Team seems to have been disbanded and the Dragonlance Adventures (DLA) team let go.
Here's one fragment from the chat:
May 26 02:56:07 <[DLA]Steel_Wind> Atari is near insolvency and is deperate that NWN2 succeed. They don't give a rat's ass about DLA horses.
This comes hor on the heels (and perhaps as a direct result?) of recent news that the DLA content is getting close - apparently it will now be released for free in September without voiceovers and so on rather than as a Premium Module . Please note we have nothing official at this stage but we'll bring you anything further as soon as we hear.

Those watching this issue might want to check out this thread on the BioWare forums for comments from a variety of interested parties. Thanks, Lucky Day.

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