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Not the Time for Dragons: Interview @ CRPG.ru

by Dhruin, 2006-07-20 22:40:00
Eddard Stark from CRPG.ru dropped us a line about an English translation they published of an interview on 'Not the time for Dragons'. Here's the intro to help introduce the subject:
Since its announcement, Russian RPG-project named Not The Time For Dragons received little publicity. Information starvation could not be satiated with but a handful of previews based entirely on the official press release and short comments by the developers. And there is much yet to reveal about such an interesting project. Based on a solid and popular setting (the game's based on a novel by popular Russian fantasy writers Nick Perumov and Sergei Lukyanenko), the game's using The Engine from Blood Magic to breathe life into the world, spicing it all up with some very intriguing gameplay features. Plus, do we really have an abundance of promising party-based RPGs nowadays? And yet, no new facts... Unable to bear such an injustice, we embarked on a holy quest of shedding the light on this project by questioning the developers about all the juicy details.

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