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Sacred 2 - Review @ Destructoid

by Dhruin, 2008-12-18 00:21:36

I noticed a Sacred 2 review at Destructoid from a week back that we'd missed earlier.  The score is 6/10 and I remain amazed at the number of reviews that don't notice the different camera modes available.  Here's a sample:

I was also confused by the tone of the game. Fourth wall breaking is very common, and it doesn’t really fit with the way the rest of the game is presented. My Shadow Warrior would often yell “Another nameless NPC killed!” during battle, and there are many statues, graves, signs, and instances of dialog and voice acting sprinkled with lame real world jokes and references to the internet. When done well, this can be hilarious, but unfortunately Sacred 2’s attempts fall flat, and most of the “humor” just comes off as wildly out of place and unnecessary, particularly since most of the game remains in character and grounded in the game world.

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