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RPGWatch - Falling for the Evil Ads Empire?

by Myrthos, 2008-12-31 15:14:51

As you might have noticed we are running an ad at the top of our page. And this for the site that was running without any ads for all this time. So what is happening? Are we selling our souls????

No not really. This is an experiment. Good Old Games approached us with a deal; Everybody who registers with GOG through the banner link we have at the top of our pages is marked as coming from RPGWatch. We then get a percentage of every game that is purchased from GOG by that user.
This deal doesn't apply to already registered users, it is only valid for new users.

We never said that we wouldn't be running any ads (we have one from 1C in the Game of the Year newsbit). What we do believe in that IF we are running ads it has to be about games, we have to be in control of the ads (so no funky flash ads that try to install stuff on your PC), no pop-ups and the front page is not going to be postered with ads. So this is why we have this single banner from Good Old Games.

We can cope with the cost of running this server without the ads, but if we want to keep on growing cost might be rising as well, so this is why this experiment is running for the next 3 months. If it is a success, we consider if we continue this. If not then we have to consider where we want to go with this site. It will definitely not mean the end of RPGWatch either way, so no worries.

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