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Hinterland - Review @ rpg codex

by Magerette, 2009-01-03 16:40:07

RPG codex kicks up a scoreless review for Tilted Mills'  hybrid strategy title Hinterland, with a mixed verdict:

Hinterland is a game that tries to to something different by combining Diabloesque hack-and-slay gameplay with base-building and town management. The developer, Tilted Mill, is mostly known for having developed several city-building games before, including Caesar IV and SimCity Societies. So while the town management aspect of the game is something the developers are familiar with, the RPG aspect is something new for them...

...It’s very simplistic, though. Combat is like Diablo, but a lot more simple. There are no special attacks, and there is no magic. You just stand there and click on the enemy until one of you drops down dead. If your health gets low, you can drink a potion and are instantly healed. There is no strategy to the combat, and no effective tactics. You just click until the enemy is dead, that’s it. Combat clearly is the weakest part of the game. The RPG elements like leveling up and using equipment are also very simple. There are four equipment slots: one for your weapon, one for your armor and two for other items of your choice (helmets, shields or rings). You gain levels by fighting, and that’s it. There’s no other way to gain experience in this game.


All in all, the game is rather mediocre, but quite interesting for the first few playthroughs. Since the game is so repetitive, there isn’t much replay value, even though the town management manages to be quite fun. After having finished the game twice on large maps, you have seen everything it has to offer and I didn’t really feel interested anymore. The horribly simplistic combat is what killed the game for me, since you have to do so much of it and it isn’t really rewarding.



Source: GameBanshee

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