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Gamasutra - Iron Lore Vets Form Crate Entertainment

by Dhruin, 2009-01-08 22:02:51

Gamasutra is reporting that ex-Iron Lore vets (Titan Quest) Arthur Bruno and Eric Campanella have formed Crate Entertainment and bought back Black Legion, a console action/RPG that Iron Lore was trying to shop to various publishers:

Crate purchased the rights to two games that were under development at Iron Lore, including a project titled Black Legion. The title is an action RPG for the Xbox 360, and Crate is currently shopping a demo for it to game publishers.

"One of our real goals is to take the solid game play we established in Titan Quest and repackage it to make it sort of grittier and more appealing to the mainstream audience," says Bruno. "We’re trying to evolve the action to something that will bring the RPG to its next level."

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