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Kivi's Underworld - Review @ Games32

by Magerette, 2009-01-14 18:35:42

Games32 posts a detailed review of Soldak Entertainment's latest effort, Kivi's Underworld, giving it an overall score of 80/100, with the gameplay coming in at 88/100:

From Soldak Entertainment, creators of Depths of Peril, comes Kivi's Underworld, a hack'n'slash game that threatens poor mice out there everywhere. Kivi's Underworld also shows that not having to worry about dice rolls, armor class and mega items is sometimes a good thing, and certainly relaxing.


Casual gamers will appreciate the simplicity of Kivi's Underworld, and the small but fun missions. I really liked that old school feel that the game has going for it, taking me back to the days of Diablo 1, when graphics didn't mean everything and MMO's were a thing of the future. With no multiplayer support, but a ton of characters and missions, Kivi's Underworld is bound to attract the attention that it deserves, from both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

An updated demo for the game is available from Soldak here.

Source: Blues News

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