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Night Watch: Reviews @ GameSpy & GameZone

by Dhruin, 2006-07-21 22:43:00
e><em>A game based on a fantasy movie based on a book? No, it's not the latest Harry Potter title, though the popularity in Russia of the Night Watch franchise is apparently on par with Rowling's work. Night Watch is a Russian game based on a very popular movie of the same name, which was in turn based on a book by Sergei Lukyanenko. As a tactical turn-based RPG, it succeeds somewhat when it comes to combat, but less so as a role-playing game.</em></blockquote>...meanwhile <a href="http://pc.gamezone.com/gzreviews/r26408.htm" target="_blank">GameZone</a> scores 6.3/10 in their meandering review: <blockquote><em>At the end of the day ita "!s all about sitting down at your computer and having fun with the game youa "!ve purchased. Night Watch does offer some entertainment value, just dona "!t expect a huge bang for your buck. The plot does not start off on a good note and doesna "!t get much better as you move through the game. The combat in the game is hampered by problems with the interface. When you get past your initial missions you soon start to realize that all of the missions are exactly the same. Another point is to save and save often. You dona "!t want to have to restart a really long mission from the very beginning, trust me. But the Gloom feature and graphics were nicely done but it just wasna "!t enough to make this stand out. I would say for anyone that has read the books or seen the movie that youa "!ve probably already made up your mind about this game. For those that check out the movie or books, and like what they see and read then, maybe Night Watch will redeem itself to a broader audience.</em></blockquote>

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