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RPG Codex - 2008 In Review

by Dhruin, 2009-01-19 21:19:17

Yes, that time of the year again.  RPG Codex has their 2008: The Year in Review piece up.  As you'd guess, it essentially boils down to "there were no RPGs" but the surprise is half the article is actually a diatribe on The Witcher:

Here's a trick you can try at home. Make something and release it to the world at large. When people complain about obscene loading times that give you enough time to circumnavigate the world, make a cup of tea and read War and Peace three times over before you get into the next area, a translation that isn't too bad but is missing out on extra Dwarf cock and the fact you've built a city full of clones, just re-release the exact same thing only with a fancy bit after the title that makes it sound like you did something to improve it. That about sums up The Witcher: Enhanced Edition.

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