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Age of Decadence: Interview @ NMA

by Dhruin, 2006-07-21 22:51:00
No Mutants Allowed has interviewed Iron Tower Studios about The Age of Decadence. Since they are a post-apoc site, let's quote an appropriate question:
Ratty: What is the post-apocalyptic element in the Age of Decadence and how does it project into gameplay?

Vince: Well, the devastation is everywhere. You'll see crumbling towns and dead, ruined cities; dried rivers and buried research facilities; unhealing scars of the war where the physical rules had been bended, etc.

How does it project into gameplay? Well, first of all, you visit and explore those locations, learn and piece together old stories, learn how and why the Empire fell. Second, it *is* a post-apocalyptic game, not a game merely set in some ruins. The society has reversed to the more primal state where the only rules you can rely on are the ones you can enforce yourself (or your faction can). Third, it's integrated into the story, explaining why everyone is so interested in the artefacts of the past.

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