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Two Worlds: The Temptation - Revised Spell System

by Dhruin, 2009-01-21 22:16:21

There's a short blurb about the revised spell system in Two Worlds: Temptation at the official site, with the promise of more details next week:

It's a magical start to the New Year as far as Reality Pump is concerned! The team has completely revised the spell system, once again proving the point that the innovations in "Two Worlds - The Temptation" aren't just limited to improved optics - radical changes in gameplay are being made which will make this game even more fascinating!

The basic structure of the spell system is formed by the well-known schools of magic. The player can choose three of the five schools available. Each one of these schools is represented by individual spell cards, which are in turn sub-divided into six different amulets - and they can be combined into unique spell card sets. So the magic spell system has now become very special, because there are no longer any pre-manufactured spells - you, the player, can now make an almost unlimited number of your OWN spells!

Now those among you who have the experimenting bug can combine spell cards from different magic schools within one set of cards - meaning a whole new world of your own personal magic! I'll give you all the details on this next week!

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