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LotRO: Mines of Moria - review @ IncGamers

by Myrthos, 2009-01-23 14:09:12

A very positive review of the Lord of the Rings expansion Mines of Moria can be found on IncGamers.

LotRO is one MMORPG we think gets constantly overlooked, but maybe gamers are waking up to the fact that this is solid MMO. This is not only one of the best looking MMOs on the market, but one of the most playable and enjoyable thanks to its Tolkien tie-in. LotRO may not have the PvP appeal  of others, despite new tweaks in Moria, but it delivers on so many other levels.

Recent figures show that LotRO is slowly growing its subscription base, and I can see why. Mines of Moria is not only a great addition to LoTRO but a fantastic expansion that will keep current players hooked, and with any luck, entice new gamers to finally enter Tolkien’s universe.

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